Arrive and Drive Packages

We offer a range of arrive and drive packages in our superb BMW M3 GTR. Arrive and drive is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the free time to prepare and maintain their own race car, or anyone who doesn’t have the capital to buy an expensive car, trailer/lorry, and the plethora of specialist tools and spare parts needed to run a car over a year. 

All you need to bring is a valid UK racing license and your personal protective equipment, and we’ll sort the rest. It takes the stress and massive time investment required to race in a big championship like Britcar out of your hands, and allows you to focus on the fun stuff behind the wheel.


We will prep the car and arrange the tyres, fuels and other consumables. We’ll provide equipment like tyre warmers, pit-car radio system, and data logging, as well as helping you set-up the car to your driving style. Our highly-skilled, highly-experienced pit crew will ensure smooth pitstops and that any issues are sorted out quickly and effectively.


You can commit to a whole season, part of a season, single race, or even a single practice. Whatever suits your needs and your budget.

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Engine Builds

We work closely with our partners at Woodrow Motorsport to build and prepare race engines. We specialise in BMW engines, including the S54 straight six, S65 V8, and S85 V10. We will ensure all the right parts are fitted to give maximum reliability, massive power, and superb driveability. We focus on torque rather than peak output to help you gain an advantage in championships that assess car performance purely on power/weight ratios. For fresh builds, we can source the best donor engines, and have a plethora of contacts to obtain the best parts. We are also highly-experienced at engine rebuilds and refreshes for customers who are happy with their existing engine spec, but want to ensure continued reliability and power.

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Race Car Preparation

Working with our partners at Woodrow Motorsport, we provide a range of race car preparation services, including shell prep, custom roll cage manufacture and fitting, crash damage repair, lightening and strengthening, custom wiring looms, custom composite panels and aerodynamic parts, exhaust systems, fuel tank design and fitting, braking systems, logging systems, radio systems, bespoke suspension design and fitment, and gearbox/differential building.


We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, and recommend a plan of action that best fits your budget and ambitions for your car, as well as the series you intend to compete in. Whether you want to get your dream build completed in one go, or you'd prefer to devise a roadmap of improvements to spread the cost over a longer period, we can help.

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Race Day Hospitality

Sponsoring DigiPlat Racing gives you VIP, access-all-areas passes to each Britcar event. You and your guests can get up close to the action, take a stroll around the paddock, watch the mechanics hard at work in the pits, before witnessing the action in the race itself. You might even bump into the TV crew! Then, if you get tired of looking at race cars, you can simply retreat to the exclusive hospitality area, sip on some free drinks and enjoy a complementary two-course lunch!


The VIP area at Britcar is akin to an exclusive B2B networking hub. We work with other teams and the series organisers to introduce sponsors and guests who work in similar or complementary business sectors. Many long-lasting and lucrative business deals have been struck in the hospitality area at Britcar events over the years, and you may find yourself with a new client or supplier that you would otherwise never have met. It’s an ideal way to open up opportunities for your business in different market sectors and in different parts of the country or continent.


These days are also a great way to say “thank you” to your most loyal staff and customers, giving them a day they will never forget.

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Corporate Track Days

We can put on corporate track days for you to give you a new and unique way to entertain customers and staff. Our track days typically take place at legendary venues like Silverstone and Brands Hatch, and we limit them to 10 guests per day so that everyone gets plenty of seat time. At these events, we will take each guest out for some “extreme taxi” laps in our 420+ bhp BMW M3 GTR, while you can spend plenty of time pitching, networking, and generally getting to know your guests in order to help your business.

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Placing your company’s logo on the side of DigiPlat’s race car is a sure-fire way to increase awareness of your brand, and market your organisation and its products/services to potential customers. Motorsports sponsorship gives you an opportunity to advertise in a new, unusual way, and reach lucrative demographics.


This season, we will be featured in TV highlights packages on Sky Sports, the free-to-air sports channel Frontrunner, the Motorsport.tv streaming service, and on Samsung TV Plus. Britcar also gets considerable coverage in the specialist motorsport press, and we liaise closely with local newspaper publications to help get your brand out there.


We also run paid advertisements via our social media pages, focusing on our key channel of Instagram.

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